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Workshop Servicing

We don’t sell bikes, we fix them and we are the best at it!

The workshop service centers have a full range of bicycle service tools with a wide range of parts and components to ensure our customer bikes are completed as quickly as possible – 92% of our bookings are done the same day.

We have FREE courtesy bikes that you can use whilst your bike is left with us, you can pick this up on the day of your booking.

£10 = £1, our loyalty scheme means for every £10 you spend, you will automatically be rewarded with £1 on your account – huge savings to be made.

NipNip mechanics have years of experience, certified and are in constant contact with manufacturers to ensure we stay ahead of the game.

Our top priority is to service your bicycle and ensure that you keep coming back as a repeat customer, year on year. To this end, we guarantee our work, products, and service to be the absolute best.

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Detailed Price List
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