Getting your bike fixed at work is as easy as…riding a bike

Did you know that we offer a mobile service for corporate buildings? It’s the perfect solution if you’re cyclists are too busy to come to us as we come to you.

NipNip cycle maintenance events are the ultimate tool for growing workplace occupier engagement, whilst improving occupier health and wellbeing and enhancing a building’s sustainability credentials


How does it work?

Our elite team of bike mechanics specialise in corporate bike repairs and onsite bike maintenance. Simply send us your location and we’ll cycle to you with our trailer packed full of the highest quality tooling and replacement parts to have you and your employees safely back in the saddle in next to no time.


Corporate bike maintenance day

We can even arrange scheduled company bike servicing days where we set up a pop up bike maintenance workshop for you staff in a suitable area of your business and perform free health and safety checks. 


Cycle ‘Health and Wellbeing’ Maintenance Day

We also offer pre-paid bike maintenance sessions and a Cycle ‘Health and Wellbeing’ Maintenance Day. Unlike the Corporate Bike Maintenance Day (where your employees cover the cost of repairs) any repairs or services performed during a Cycle ‘Health and Wellbeing’ Maintenance Day are funded by your organisation. 


These in-house bike repairs are a great way to show that you’re a cycle-friendly workplace and offer bike repairs to your people as an employee benefit. 


Corporate bike subscription packages

If you’re keen to encourage your workforce to enjoy the health and cost-saving benefits of commuting by bike, you can subscribe to one of our corporate partnership packages. These bike repair maintenance schemes are designed to ensure a continued smooth ride to and from the office. 


You can find out more about our full range of on-site corporate bike repairs and business bike servicing days here or get in touch at