Bike Maintenance Courses

Our ‘Bike Skills’ maintenance classes will provide you with the skills to carry out basic maintenance on your bike to ensure it functions as efficiently as possible between your major services, therefore prolonging the life of your bike and its components. It will also reduce the frequency that you need to book it in for a professional service.


We are running monthly sessions – the 1st Saturday of every month.
Our fully qualified training team will share the best methods of home maintenance.
Each place on a course costs £40 for a 2-hour session.
The session covers :
  • Roadside puncture repair – How to remove your wheel and replace tube.
  • M-Check. How to check that major components are safe and roadworthy, preventing further damage.
  • Removal and refitting of brake blocks, balancing brake calipers.
  • Principles of basic gear adjustment.
  • Checking chain tension.
  • Preventative care e.g. how to clean and lubricate parts of the bike.

So if you have the innovation and dedication to help take us forward, we would love to hear from you.