Bike Maintenance Courses

Our ‘Fix Your Bike’ maintenance classes will provide you with the skills to carry out basic maintenance on your bike to ensure it functions as efficiently as possible between your major services, therefore prolonging the life of your bike and its components. It will also reduce the frequency that you need to book it in for a professional service.



  • £60


  • 2 hours


  • NipNip, 1 Shad Thames, London, SE1 2PN

The session covers :

  • Roadside puncture repair – how to remove your wheel and replace tube / puncture repair
  • M-Check. – how to check that major components are safe and roadworthy, preventing further damage.
  • Principles of basic gear adjustment.
  • Principles of basic brake adjustment.
  • Checking chain wear.
  • Preventative care e.g. how to clean and lubricate parts of the bike.

What you need to bring:

You will be working on your own bike, but if you don’t have a bike we will be happy to supply you with a bike.

  • Yourself and your bike
  • Security keys for your wheels (if needed)

We look forward to you joining us

NipNip Team