Tannus Tyres

The most RELIABLE tyre on the planet.

Free your stress. Ride with confidence

A tyre that never goes flat!

For both riders who use their bicycles every day, such as to commute to work or school, as well as riders whose schedules only permit riding every once in a while, always syffer with “air related problems” upon riding their bicycles. Using Tannus tires will free them from the bother of flat tyres and air pressure checks. Tannus promises a pleasant cycling life.

Light weight!

Until today, solid tyres have weighed two to three times as much as standard air tyes. Tannus tyres utilize polymer technology to terminate the heavy feeling of solid tyres of the past. Tannus has made a featherlight solid tyre a reality.

Use your current rims.

There is no need to change rims. If you have good condition, clincher rims now, Tannus tyres can be mounted to them without trouble. With the newly-developed Locking Pin System, Tannus tyres can be used safely.

A wide variation of colours to choose from.

Tyres come in a variety of thirteen stylish colours (not all are currently available in the UK yet, but soon will be). Whether you are thinking about what colour best matches your frame or making the front and rear tyres different colours, there are plenty of options for you to enjoy. And thanks to having excellent light resistance, colours do not fade easily, and maintenance and cleaning is simple.

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We are proud to be the sole online retailer of the Tannus puncture proof tyres. We’re so behind the tyre and the technology that all of us here at NipNip HQ choose to equip our commuter bikes with this super reliable, fit and forget, puncture proof tyre.

The Tannus tyre is designed for those journeys when the last thing you want to deal with is pumping flat tyres up, getting punctures and worrying about what roads or even off road paths you might be taking.

You can expect to see up to 9,000 miles on these tyres. Which can be up to 4 years of carefree cycling for some users who average 10miles per day. Providing you aren’t skidding at every opportunity.

The Tannus tyre is constructed using a special polymer compound. Not only does this mean that the ride quality is on par with many mid range tyres, the grip they provide is similar to top end tyres in the dry and wet. But most of all, the durability is just leagues above anything you have rode before. If you are after the most durable, reliable and safest tyre out there, the Tannus Puncture Proof Tyre is the only option

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