Tannus Tyre Information

What are Tannus Tyres?

Tannus Tyre is a Korean company which makes tires that never go flat so that all cyclists enjoy safer rides, and strives for technological development to relieve any inconvenience related to tyre puncture.

Applied with cutting edge polymer technology, Tannus Tyre never goes flat and be made with diverse and clear colors. It is distinctly different from any of the anti-puncture tires of the past and is secured with great driving function, comfort, lightness, safety and durability. The various colors are another result of the use of the advanced materials, and you are able to enjoy the choice of colors that is in contrast with the existing unclear colors of rubber tires.

The goal of Tannus Tyre is to make changes to the world from a small aspect. In order to do this they are continuously challenging for technological innovation with great passion, and are moving ahead step by step. They believe that when small changes of the world gather as one, there would be significant progresses to the whole humanity and the environment we live in.

Your encouragement and support for our small dream gives limitless power to us.

Featured Tyre:

  • Musai Model 700x23c
  • Weight: 380g
  • Suitable for rim size: 13-15C
  • Shop the complete range here

What we think of the tyre:

We are proud to be the sole online retailer of the Tannus puncture proof tyres. We’re so behind the tyre and the technology that all of us here at NipNip HQ choose to equip our commuter bikes with this super reliable, fit and forget, puncture proof tyre.

Sure they’re not as comfortable as a 100psi Continental GP4000s, but what do we really expect. These are by no means a top end, clincher, race tyre and were never designed to be raced.

The Tannus tyre is designed for those journeys when the last thing you want to deal with is pumping flat tyres up, getting punctures and worrying about what roads or even off road paths you might be taking.

You can expect to see 9,000 miles on these tyres. Which can be well over 2 years of carefree cycling for some users. Providing you aren’t skidding at every opportunity.

There are a few sizes available for the tannus tyre. There are sizes that will fit your 16″ Brompton bike or any 20″ wheel. 26″ MTB wheels and E-Bike wheels are catered for too. Road bikes sizes come in 700 x 23c, 700 x 28c (will only fit rims widths 13 – 16c) and the more all-round touring sizes 700 x 32c & 700 x 40c (will only fit rims 18 – 21c).

The grip that these tyres provide is nothing short of impressive. Many tyres that come standard on bikes can feel very skittish and slippery when the road gets wet, this can be very unnerving and dangerous. The tannus tyre doesn’t suffer from this at all.

The Tannus tyre is constructed using a special polymer compound. Not only does this mean that the ride quality is on par with many mid range tyres, the grip they provide is similar to top end tyres in the dry and wet. But most of all, the durability is just leagues above anything you have rode before.

If you are after the most durable, reliable and safest tyre out there, the Tannus Puncture Proof Tyre is the next step.

Tannus has recently been featured in the Cycling Weekly further pushing just how much of an impact this tyre is going to make on commuter cyclists.

Equivalent Performance to Rubber Tyres

Tannus Tyres has equivalent results with abrasion resistance, gripping performance and braking performance in professional tests in comparison with ordinary air inflated rubber tyres.

  • Defy common sense of no puncture tyres:
    Tannus has eliminated disadvantages such as weakness in water, need of exclusive rim and deformation of material other than weight saving. In addition, less of aged deteriation is one of the most distinctive features.


  • The Latest Technology with Various Patents
    Tannus tyre has been made from development of material to installation system, in the latest technology patents. “Concentration of inimitable technology” is the source of tannus.


  • Abrasion Resistant
    Tannus tyre remains -1mm of deformation range after a 6000km run. The Japanese JIS standard only requests -5mm of deformation a range after a 5000km run.


  • Grip & Braking Performance
    Test of grip performance: Same result as a rubber tyre in skidding resistance test with a range between 10-40kgs by 10kg pitch.
    Test of braking performance: Same result as tyre in braking distance test at the speed of 20km.


  • Body Durability Test
    Tannus has cleared tests of all EN14764 (EU Standard) criteria, with the result of “no-damage”.


  • Enivronmental PerformanceTannus Tyre passed all environmental load substance tests based on RoHS Compliance.