Fitting services

All Tannus tyres come supplied with the necessary tools and bits to ensure a perfect fit for the rim the tyre is likely to be mounted too. Make no mistake, the tyre isn’t as easy to fit as a normal tyre and if you have not fitted it correctly, it could result in the tyre coming loose from the rim. But if the time is taken to make sure the installation has been done correctly, you are likely to see up to 9,000 miles worth of puncture free cycling.

It really is fit and forget!
If you are not feeling adventurous enough to do this yourself, we offer a tyre fitting service at our workshops.

Workshop Fitting

£30 per tyre

A tannus tyre fitting service consists of:

  • booking in a date to confirm fitting and when it will be ready
  • removal of current tyres / no change if tyres have already been taken off
  • measuring and cleaning of rim surface
  • fitting of specified tyre at the workshops.
  • safety check
  • And a high 5 when its all done and you’re ready to roll!

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