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New 700 X 32c Aither 1.1 Tyre – Suitable For Hybrid / Touring / City Bikes


Quick Overview

The most competent All-Round Tire, with an integration of Tannus Technology suited for todays Hybrid bicycles.
Please Note:These tyre will only fit 700c wheels with the ETRTO code; 622 x 17-20c. If your inner rim width is either 17mm – 20mm, these will fit.

For wheel options that fit the Tannus tyres, we can supply these compatible wheel selection plus loads more.

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The images shown are for colour representation purposes and do not show an exact representation of this specific tyre size. 

The all new 2015 700 x 32c Aither V1.1 Highlights

  • Tannus’ tyre to suit most 700c hybrid bikes.
  • 700 x 32c is a bit more comfortable due to the increased amount of material.
  • A compound made up of polymer, with the newest technology.
  • It has high durability and is above average in speed and gripping ability.
  • This is a long term solution.
  • It allows you to have simple, stress free cycling enjoyment.
  • Its an investment in money, time, fuss and inconveniance.
  • Available in 11 wipe clean colours.
  • Find out more information here



Whats included?


  • 1 tyre (select 2 for a pair)
  • 3 bags of the Locking Pin System to ensure perfect fit for your rim. (21.5mm x 1, 22.5mm x 1, 23.5mm x 1 width ‘Locking Pins’)
  • 1 Tannus tyre installation tool.
  • Printed installation instruction.



Tech Specs


  • Tyre size: 700 x 32c
  • How many: 1 tyre
  • Tyre Compound: Aither V1.1 Nano Foam
  • Colour: Please select your colour when ordering. (if the colour is not clickable, it is out of stock)
  • Expected Lifespan: 8000miles
  • Weight: 380grams (minus not having to carry around a pump, tube tools etc)
  • Suitable Rim size: 17 – 20c. (17 -20mm inside rim width)
  • Wheel Requirements – Will they fit my bike?


  • This tyre will only fit 700c clincher wheels.
  • ETRTO: 622 x 17-20c (this is a code printed on your rim, possibly on a sticker, NOT on the tyre)
  • Suited to Hybrid / town bikes with bigger tyres and wider rims. I.e. 2015 Specialized Sirrus Disc, BMC Alpenchallenge disc
  • For anymore questions that you have, PLEASE have a look at our FAQ sections.


    A Tannus Tyre does not have any tube. It is a tyre made with a compound of polymer, with the newest technology. There is no air in Tannus Tyre. Therefore there is no chance of puncture.


    Feather light weight of Tannus Tire breaks stereotype of solid tires. Guaranteed to never go flat, the solid tyre offers amazing cycling freedom. Go anywhere, anytime and leave all your tools, spare tubes, pumps and repair kits at home.


    You don’t have to change the rim just for the tyre. If you have the existing clincher type rim, it can be retrofitted right away regardless of its size. Due to our development of the Locking Pin System, you can use Tannus Tyre on your bicycle easily and safely.


    Tannus may not beat the best tyres for comfort but nothng will get close to these for durability. The ultimate commuter tyre. Never get caught out with a puncture ever again. Forget attempting to fix a flat tyre in the rain and becoming late for work. Ride over glass as much as you want, these tyres can handle it.

    Tyre fitting:

    What do i need to do to book a fitting??

  • Click on the link to read in full how to get booked in.
  • Do you fit Tannus tyres?
  • We are the only Tannus Mobile fitting company in London. If you work within the congestion-charging zone in London or just outside, get in touch (shopping@nipnip.co.uk) and we will organise a date and time to suit you for the tyres to be fitted at your convenience.
  • If you would rather have them fit in the workshop, let us know in advance what you want done, and bring them in and meet us. You can ask any questions or quieres you have about them at the same time.
  • If you prefer to fit them yourself, this can be a relatively simple task depending on what size tyres you need. 700 x 23 and 700 x 28c tyres are the least hardest to fit. All the other tyres may need a trained mechanic to do it, or you might need to watch a few how to videos and read a few instructions.


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