NipNip Supporting St Mungo’s Broadway

Our goal at NipNip is simple. To provide a range of bicycle services in a more convenient and affordable fashion to our clients, offering a user experience that our clients enjoy – so they come back.

We believe, that once you are a part of the NipNip family, you will remain a customer of ours for life. Maybe we are crazy, but hopefully this is possible.

Moreover than this, our overall goal is to do some good and leave things a little bit better than we found them. We are all in it together.

In 2012, we teamed up with St Mungos in our bid to see how the work we do at NipNip can help some of London’s most underprivileged.

At NipNip we hold our partnership with St Mungos very close to our hearts and our future successes will be measured entirely upon the success stories that we can continue to produce with the St Mungos resident’s through our training programme’s.

St Mungos opens doors for homeless people. Mainly based in London and the South, they provide over 100 accommodation and support projects day in, day out. They support homeless people in their recovery – opening the door to safe housing, drug and alcohol support and physical and mental health care. They provide more help for homeless people in gaining life skills than any other charity – from job training to independent living skills in their ‘semi-independent’ houses.

We work with St Mungos client’s in the personal development process of gaining trade skills and in helping them to build the interpersonal skills that ultimately help to build personal belief, self worth and the confidence required to get them back into society. Then ultimately … into employment.

By opening our doors, and by opening the doors to services within St Mungos and in the broader community, St Mungos are able to help thousands of homeless people change their lives for the good every year.

Thanks for all your support!

It wouldn’t be possible without you.

Best wishes,
David & Matthew Farr.

Find out more about St Mungos Broadway, check them out at

Or visit; St Mungos Broadway, 33 Rushworth St, Southwark. SE1 0RB.

Or to find out how you can help, contact