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Our highly skilled mechanics at NipNip provide our on-site mobile bicycle repairs to hundreds of blue chip organisations, Councils and London’s Sky Scrapers, and is growing every day.

The reason why the NipNip service is so popular is because we provide a revolutionary approach to bicycle repairs and servicing where we offer unparalleled convenience, typically at lower prices and expect the highest standards possible…whilst at the same time helping to rebuild the lives of some of London’s most underprivileged.

Our service is not just appreciated by the NipNip cycling fraternity - our corporate clients are the biggest winners.

Through the growing interest of cycling within London, our goal at NipNip is to help our corporate partners to operate greener buildings and workplaces and to help companies encourage health and wellbeing amongst their staff.

Cycling to work brings a whole spectrum of positive benefits to London’s buildings and companies including increased staff productivity, reducing the number of sick days and makes a massive contribution to tackling London’s worsening air quality issues.


A Free NipNip Day?

A Senior Dr NipNip mechanic will arrive on site to offer free health & safety checks for your cyclists and carry out any repairs or servicing requests on site.


The Pre Paid Labour NipNip Day.

To encourage workplace cycling as a part of your organization’s health and well being objective’s you can hire a Senior NipNip mechanic to fix and service your cyclists bike’s.

Additional parts costs are covered by the individual cyclist.

In addition to hiring to the Senior NipNip mechanic, they will also mentor a graduate from the NipNip & St Mungos Broadway training programme who will have experienced homelessness. This platform is a huge stepping-stone on the path to full time employment.

To hire a NipNip mechanic for the day enquire here


The NipNip Corporate Subscription

Cycling within London is growing at an unprecedented rate. We are the cycling experts that can ensure you build cycle friendly workplaces and organisations with ease.

There are varying levels of subscription to the NipNip Corporate Partnership packages that will ensure you have every aspect covered so you can encourage cycling with confidence.

To find out more about the comprehensive cycling services, enquire here


Corporate Social Responsibility: Partner with NipNip in our bid to Rebuild Lives.

As a part of your organisations Corporate Social Responsibility programme, you can come to the NipNip HQ and work alongside our budding graduate bike mechanics from our training programme. The introduction of cycling into our client’s lives’ goes way further than you may first imagine…

If your company would like to partner with us at NipNip HQ, based at the St Mungos Broadway Skills & Training Centre in Southwark, Central London get in touch here


We hope to welcome you to the growing NipNip family soon.

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