Bike Fits

Meet Tony

Tony is a world class and internationally recognized professional master in indoor cycling. He is also a personal trainer and a member of the Register of exercise professionals.

His services are in constant demand, to impart master classes and sessions, and to train new aspiring candidates to become sPin instructors. As a qualified personal trainer he has trained many cyclists and triathletes, preparing them for competition and developing training programmes for cycling clubs and teams.

The Process

NipNip offers a unique bike fitting service which aims to optimally fit rider and bike so that every journey, trip, outing, training session or race can be enjoyed to the full with maximum comfort and efficiency.

Each fitting is specific and individualised carrying out a detailed study of the rider and the bike to unite both ergonomically and bio-mechanically .

Every parameter and variable is evaluated together with the rider feedback. The result of all these measurements applied to your own riding style and preferences will be the perfect bike fit.

If you are comfortable and efficient, you will perform better.

NipNip not only looks after your bike… we also look after you.


General = £175 (takes approx. 2hours)

To book please email